Gossip is a game I made for Ludum Dare 43. It's a serious game about spreading rumors and framing others to get to the one you love. 

I had this concept a while back vaguely based off the experimental game Gossip (1983) for the Atari. When I heard the theme for Ludum Dare 43 is Sacrifices Must Be Made, I thought I could mix these two concepts together to make this strange game.

For this project I used a custom editor tool that I created called the Story Graph. It's a visual scripting tool that allows me to easily make events, coroutines, and functions and be able to visually debug my code (instead of throwing a bunch of debug.logs everywhere). I plan to release it on the Unity Asset Store soon!!

For whatever reason I thought that I could animate everything with co-routines instead of the Timeline or Animation window, so it looks a little janky. While it did save me a lot of time in certain places, it definitely made it harder in others. 

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