Memory Palace: A game about (you guessed it) testing your memory.

When I think of Start with Nothing, I think of how clueless I am whenever I start something… like this jam! So I decided to make a game about that.

Hope you enjoy!


(you don't need to read this, but if you wanna jump ahead and know how the game works, then by all means read this)

1. Click a symbol with your mouse

2. Write a story about it. 

3. Submit your story

4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you're happy with your story. Also feel free to click on previously clicked symbols to see what you wrote

5. When you're done, click Finish. It will then jumble up all the symbols

6. After it's jumbled, select the symbols in order of your story. You will know it's selected if the symbol stops

7. Try to get the highest score!

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Cool-looking stickers!


Really cool idea. Great job.